Permuted Press: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Was discussing the most recent publishing kerfuffle with some of my writing peers when one of them quipped, “I wonder how Permuted Press is enjoying the Apocalypse now?”

It’s just another craptacular remake of Publishers Behaving Badly.

Okay writers, it’s time to find a nice secluded place (like say, a graveyard), take a deep breath (and a shot of good whisky), and do an honest to goodness inventory of where you are and where you want to be.

It’s also time to face some cold hard truths.

Chances are, unless you win the proverbial lottery, you are not going to get rich writing. Got that? Really, we can’t move along unless you’ve come to grips with that one. You. Are. Not. Going. To. Get. Rich. We good?

You can, however, make a living. Especially if you have a knack for living on the cheap. Or for holding on to a manageable, non-soul-sucking day job. Or both. Especially both.

Once you’ve got past the fun part — you know, the actual writing part of the equation — you must navigate the treacherous waters of the publishing world. Here be dragons. All dragons are not evil. But most are. See, they are the ones who, potentially, make the dollars while you make the cents. Like any self-respecting dragon, they want to hoard a huge pile of gold and treasure and nap upon it. You, the writer, just want one little cup. But there is no cup for you. Only blood. And sweat. And tears that would fall into your cup if you only had one.

Choose your dragons wisely.

And if they should turn on you and take a nip at either you or your friends, then do the right thing.

Slay the dragon.

Or, you know, become the dragon.

2 Responses to “Permuted Press: Stop Dragon My Heart Around”

  1. I may not become rich by writing. But I’m sure as hell not going to be someone’s damn chew toy.

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