Greg Mitchell’s Snakehead Swamp


Looking for some spine-tingling camp horror? Well, just in time for Hallowe’en, Snakehead Swamp is available on DVD.


A horrifying hybrid of genetic science and nature has taken over the Louisiana bayou, leaving terror in its wake! In the heat of the summer, what began as a day of boating and bikinis changes drastically when a school of genetically enhanced snakehead fish finds its way into Black Briar Swamp. As their thirst for blood grows, the creatures evolve by the minute, even learning to walk on land! No one is safe in this hair-raising thriller.

The film will be available on DVD and Digital HD October 7, 2014, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The follow-up to Syfy’s camp classic Snakehead Terror stars Ayla Kell (TV’s “Make It or Break It”) and Dave Davis (TV’s “True Detective”) with Terri Garber (TV’s “As the World Turns,” “Dynasty”) and Antonio Fargas (TV’s “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Starsky & Hutch”).

SNAKEHEAD SWAMP is directed by Don E. Fauntleroy from a screenplay by Greg Mitchell. Ken Badish and Daniel Lewis served as both producers and executive producers with Eric M. Davies as line producer. SNAKEHEAD SWAMP originally aired June 28, 2014, on Syfy. The film has a run time of approximately 86 minutes and is not rated.

And if that’s not enough to make you want to watch, there is this:


Yep. Snakehead Swamp was written by my friend, author Greg Mitchell  — that same cat who lent his name to the late, great monster hunting occult detective who appeared far too briefly in my short story CABIN IN THE WOODS.

So do him and yourself a favor, pick up a copy of Snakehead Swamp for Hallowe’en.


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