Fourteen years ago, the knot was tied. It was the best decision I’ve ever made and ranks number 2 on my list of all-time best moments (sorry, dear, Connor’s arrival took top honours by a nose).


Softly, a whisper
I feign mystery…
In silent reflection
A love most sincere
When words of love are spoken
They always reach your ear
Joined everlasting
We have become one
And as the years drift slowly by
So much stronger we’ve become
You cast away the darkness
But allow the rain to fall
Because our true love everlasting
Is the greatest gift of all
It shines across the world
Lifted high ‘pon autumn’s wing
And from my heart to yours
It begs the world to sing
Showered with the blessing
Of the love you give to me
And in return I give to you
Love for eternity…
Happy Anniversary Kim.
I love you.

One Response to “Ivory”

  1. Congratulations to both of you! Always nice to hear some happy news from someone! Wishing you all many happy years to come!

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