Yes or No

FourthBridgesI don’t really have a dog in this hunt, but my insides are still torn up over the vote for Scots Independence that looms heavily on this week’s horizon. I can see both sides. I really can. While I’ve ancestral ties to all parties involved, I have a special affinity for the Land of the Scots.

Stay or go, yes or no, Scotland is forever.


2 Responses to “Yes or No”

  1. Difficult question. I can also see both sides – but like you I have strong Scots roots. Historically there is a lot of mistrust to folks south of the border. Racial memories run deep and even anyone having even a moderate grasp of history will understand why. Logically, I can see the advantage of staying in the union. Emotionally my sympathy is with independence. I think, on balance, thinking with my heart, rather than my head, I would come down on the side of Scottish independence. They’ve waited a long time. Perhaps now is as good a time as any. Whatever happens I will still proudly wear my Clan Rose Tartan. After all, its justvas important knowing where you’ve come from as where you’re going.

    • Well said. It’s a double-edged sword. If the Scots vote for Independence then i believe they’ll be placed in a very difficult position, but anything worth having should could come with some degree of difficulty. Let them reaffirm to the world that they are a sovereign Scotland if that is their wish. I stand with the people whichever way the sword cuts.

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