Eldritch Inquests TOC (Sort Of)


*Not listed in final order of appearance

1. “An Unanchored Man” by Tim Prasil
2. “Memento Morbid” by C.L. Werner
3. “The Devil’s Mudpack” by Neil Baker
4. “Vinnie de Soth and the Vampire Definition” by I.A. Watson
5. “The Case of the Vorpal Tomahawk” by Joel Jenkins
6. “The Prince of the Power of the Air” by Robert M. Price
7. “That the Wicked Shall be Welcome” by Lee Clarke Zumpe
8. “Body of Proof” by Thomas Deja
9. “The Broken Choir” by David Annandale
10. “Matt Brimstone, P.I.” by Christine Morgan
11. “The Red Brotherhood” by Scott Chaddon
12. “Bump in the Night” by Justin Gustainis
13. “Wished Away” by Lizz C. Schulz
14. “Cinder and Smoke” by Antonio Urias
15. “An Unexpected Carcass” by Nathaniel Brehmer
16. “Murder on the Feng Shui Express” by Jason Andrew
17. “The Stain” by Damir Salkovic
18. “Freak Show” by Russell Proctor
19. “Aftermath III” by Glynn Owen Barrass
20. “The Inuit Bone” by William Meikle
21. “Deck the Halls” by Mike Chinn
22. “The House in Angell Street” by Rory O’Brien
23. “The Cabin in the Woods” by Bob Freeman
24. “Divine Providence” by Robert J. Santa
25. “The Adventure of the Moorland Monster” by Christian Bone
26. “Can You Hear Me, Dr. Galloway?” by D.H. Lewis
27. “Challenger Swift and the Case of Jack the Ripper” by Matthew Sylvester
28. “Supernatural Auto Repair” by Frank Larnerd
29. “Divide and Conquer” by Greg Mitchell
30. “A Peculiar Reading” by J. Matthew Saunders
31. “Due Diligence” by Scott Woodward
32. “Trace” by D.J. Tyrer
33. “The Vampire of Somerset” by Seth Skorkowsky
34. “The Knocking Below” by Marissa Priest
35. “The Falling Girl” by Russ Anderson Jr.
36. “A Measure of Air” by Doug Blakeslee
37. “The Sketch Artist” by Gerry Griffiths
38. “The Book Collector” by Meredith Torre
39. “Djinn and Toxic” by Jonathan Shipley
40. “Confession in the Garden” by Cullen Monk
41. “Disconnected” by Brian M. Sammons
42. “Memories of the Knackers Yard” by Ian Creasey
43. “Spectre of Death” by T.W. Garland


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