Introducing… Zed


Angélica Celaya

“(Zed’s) someone who can go toe-to-toe with John,” said executive producer Daniel Cerone of the new character. “We wanted a more dynamic relationship, as opposed to someone who is a teacher/mentor and a student. It just didn’t feel as fertile and rich of an area as just a strong man and a strong woman who are both very different.”

So, how will they handle Lucy Griffith’s departure without scrapping the pilot episode? It appears they’ll be refilming one small scene and then writing in Liv’s exit in episode 2. Are the producers hinting that her exit will be in a pine box?

“One of the hallmarks of John is his friends drop like flies,” Goyer explained, making a point to praise Griffiths’ job in the pilot. “They almost all die around him. It’s the price of doing business. He is this classic noir character who often ends up alone, and we thought it was consistent with the character.”

This series just took a major turn for the better, I think. It’s really starting to feel like Hellblazer. Killing off Lucy in the second episode would underscore that in a major way.

I like it.


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  1. gorges hot and strong really like Zed

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