Ch-ch-ch-changes in a Zed Way



Constantine - Season PilotLook! The Internet is abuzz with Constantine news. I’m sure you’ve seen it popping up all over — Lucy Griffiths’ Liv, the doe-eyed ‘chosen one’ who was to serve, I surmise, as the audience proxy into Constantine’s world, is out! And… the part is not being recast. In fact, the creators are dipping into the comic for a suitable femme foil for our swaggering con man…


Allow me to introduce to you Zed, John’s ex-lover and a bit of a pagan priestess with considerable talents of her own. No actress has been cast as yet, but I’m eager to see who (or what) they conjure up.

Normally, changes like these would be troubling coming from a series debut, but I am, instead, optimistic.

This change aligns Constantine even more with the source material.

That has to be a good thing… Doesn’t it?

Though, to be honest, I was hoping for another Z to show up. Zatanna’s got to become a series regular at some point. She just has to. Fishnets are ratings gold.


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