Tabletop: The Occult Detective Board Game


Still making progress on The Occult Detective Board Game despite all the proverbial axes I’m juggling. Connor and I gave it a test run and he managed to not only defeat the King in Yellow, but he also helped uncover many a snag in the initial rules and gameplay. I guess that’s what playtesting is for.

Regardless, it’s been a fun process. I’ll most likely be generalizing the game more, with the four characters becoming generic representations of Occult Detective, Exorcist, Monster Hunter, and Magician… hopefully with male and female versions of each when it comes time to sculpt the minis (unless we go with pawns, which would be less cool, but more cost effective).

back to the drawing board.

2 Responses to “Tabletop: The Occult Detective Board Game”

  1. This one is your retirement fund, Brother.

    You surely didn’t leave out Guy Starbiter, nicht wahr? Τό καλόν!

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