The Monster Librarian reviews Shadows Over Somerset

cairnwood2“Freeman’s ambitious first novel introduces us to the Cairnwood Clan, a family with an ancient curse. Michael Somers is the youngest of the Cairnwood family. Removed from the family by his mother when he was young, Michael is unaware of his family’s curse. Michael is brought to the Cairnwood family mansion in Somerset, Indiana at a time when an ancient evil threatens the family.

Freeman fits a great deal into the book, including vampires, werewolves, and witches. His story has a serious tone rather than the humorous banter that characterizes the work of Wm Mark Simmons, but there are definitely some entertaining moments!

Reading Shadows Over Somerset is like putting together a puzzle. Freeman introduces different characters and events at the beginning of the story, and it takes time to understand how they all fit together. Shadows Over Somerset is intended to be the first in a series, and it has enough open plot lines to intrigue the reader.

It will be interesting to see how Freeman develops the series.

Contains drug abuse, sexual situations, violence to children, and gore.”

The Monster Librarian

01 sigil magick


Shadows Over Somerset, the first chapter in the Cairnwood Manor trilogy, is available for Kindle  Nook, or in Trade Paperback.



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