Six String Fantasies


I’ve been playing guitar now for better than 30 years. I’m not great, by any means, but I’ve had my moments. It’s something of a hobby, I suppose, though there was a time when I considered it quite a bit more. And I’ve owned dozens of some truly remarkable guitars — especially the modified ’69 Les Paul Custom I played back in the late 80’s. Man, that thing was a beast. My favorite guitar, though, and certainly the one I miss the most, was my Takamine Dreadnaught acoustic.

Hard times and bad decisions saw me part ways with all but one of them…

These days I beat around on the little Fender F-100 that I picked up back in 1985 for less that a c-note. It’s been a remarkably reliable and resilient companion, putting up with years of abuse without a word of complaint, even after I carved on it, slapped paint across it, and covered it in stickers. It was my “campfire guitar”, the one I drug across creeks and through the backwoods, into some of the craziest places a young man might go to get away from the world with nothing but some tasty beverages, mind-altering pharmaceuticals, and good friends.

Walter Jr. (yes, I named it) has been a trusted and valued friend. Sure, he’s small in size with a tone to match, but he’s scrappy. And I like that.

So what does any of this have to do with the picture I posted up top?

Nothing. I was sitting here daydreaming about a new guitar and, as fantasies go, I started thinking about how, if money were no object, how I’d dress it up. Then I thought about Walter Jr., leaning in his guitar stand, probably watching my son play Lego Batman this morning.

That guitar up top would probably cost me $3,000 or so.

Walter Jr.? He’s priceless.

All that being said, I’d love to strum a few chords on that Custom Gibson Shadowfax I dreamed up :)


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