Wolfe & Crowe

Speaking of Seventh Star,  I also signed a deal with them to see the return of Wolfe & Crowe.

We’ll be releasing three books in that series, with reprintings of First Born and Descendant, to be followed by an all new tale, Born Again.

Sharp-eyed readers, however, will see Wolfe & Crowe, as well as Landon Connors, show up in Book 3 of the Cairnwood Manor series, Shadow of the Wolf… and the Wolves of Cairnwood will return the favor by making an appearance in Born Again.

I’ve really only got one box. It’s where I keep all my toys…




2 Responses to “Wolfe & Crowe”

  1. So so so pleased that you didn’t tuck these away, Wolfe & Crowe need more time out &about! :D

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