Judging a Book by its Cover

Yesterday, the good folks at Seventh Star Press unveiled the cover for the re-release of the first book in my Cairnwood Manor trilogy, Shadows Over Somerset. The artwork is by a young man from the Philippines named Enggar Adirasa. I think you’ll agree the cover, along with the two interior illustrations is really quite brilliant. Normally, I’d want to tackle the art chores myself, but I found myself behind the proverbial Magick 8 Ball and gave the publisher the go ahead to find a replacement. And boy did they.

cairnwood cover



Needless to say, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I am thrilled that Seventh Star Press approached me about rereleasing Shadows Over Somerset and Keepers of the Dead. Originally published by Black Death Books (an imprint of KHP), I got the rights back when they decided to go “ebook only”. While I respect their decision, I’m just not a fan of ebooks. They have their place, but at the time, only having my work in electronic format just didn’t sit well with me.

Now, Seventh Star has helped to breathe new life into the series. I’m working with a great editor and the publishing and production team has been a welcome breath of fresh air. And, of course, along with the release of the first two installments, the third chapter in the Cairnwood Manor saga will finally see the light of day. The fact that there has been so many fans clamoring for it over the years warms my blackened heart.

Cairnwood Manor is where it all started for me. That I get to return to my Wolves and run with them again is more than I could have hoped for. Shadow of the Wolf (originally titled In Time’s Shadow) will pick up where Keepers of the Dead left off. You can expect magic and mayhem… and a walk through Cairnwood Manor’s grim past.

Stay tuned as this thrilling saga of werewolves, vampires, witches, zombies, and more rears its malefic head and captures your imagination once more.



Here’s an excerpt from the first novel to tide you over…

The wolves had gathered in a wide circle around Lilith. She turned slowly, staring each in the eyes as she did so. She paused at Sebastian. He smiled. He knew what she had planned. He also knew that it would cost her dearly. He had seen it before, years ago when he first took control of the pack. He fought to calm his mind knowing that she would need his strength to pull this off.

“I call thee to this circle of power,” she began, lifting her arms to the Heavens, “to this meeting place between the world of man and wolf, and that of the realm of the Goddess, who shall guard and protect us and preserve and contain the power which we shall raise in her name and for the sake of the House of Cairnwood everlasting.”

“I summon, stir, and call to the sacred spark of divinity that resides within this circle. Watchers of the four quarters bear witness to this rite and guard the circle from the forces of evil,” she called. Overhead the clouds began to part around the full moon. It shone down upon the circle of wolves and they began to writhe as its magic touched them.

“I invoke thee and call upon thee, oh Goddess, mother of us all. We call upon the Master of the Hunt that he might bless this rite and give aide in this time of need. I call upon the pack and invoke the sacred name of Angus MacGregor, sire of the clan and he who was first changed. I call upon the powers to feed the pack from its wellspring that it might be channeled to the aide of the clan. In the name of the ancient of ancients and the holy of holies, in the name of all that was and is and shall be…Feed me with your awesome might!”

Alex could only stare in wide wonder as those within the magic circle began to shimmer. A faint glow emanated from the gathered and then a wind swept toward them. Alex was transfixed as the wind funneled and swirled within the circle. Her ears popped and suddenly the faint glow become a radiant green and joined in with the vortex that reached toward the moon above. The emerald energy was drawn from the wolves that made up the circle and channeled into Lilith who cast it toward the moon overhead. Suddenly they all collapsed, the wolves reverting to their human forms and Lilith left smoking in the circle’s center.

Alex was shaken to her very core and knelt upon the ground with mouth agape. She had just witnessed an act of magic unbelievable and she knew in her heart of hearts that nothing for her would ever be the same again.


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  1. Fantastic- can’t wait to see ’em in hand! *squee*

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