Friday Bloody Friday (includes a Rummage Report)

* So, Seventh Star Press and I should have a big announcement next week. Keep your ear to the ground. You’ll not want to miss this one.

* Yesterday’s rant about Ghost Hunters Wannabes gets an addendum. It’s not just them. Hit the Swayzee Town Rummage today and I swear to gods, there were dozens of Mike Wolfe dopplegangers everywhere. I couldn’t count the number of times I heard people mentioning “rusty gold” and “rustic folk art” and other Pickerisms. I guess what it all comes down to is this: there are a metric-ass-ton of unoriginal folk out there and they’re all sucking up too much of the oxygen the rest of us need for livin’.

* Speaking of the Swayzee Town Rummage… I picked up a nice Field Guide to Mushrooms ā€” trade paperbacks of Larsson’s The Girl w/ the Dragon Tattoo & the Girl Who Played w/ Fire, Morris’ The Edges of Science, and Lawson’s Mary Poppins, She Wrote ā€” hardcovers of Lustbader’s The Miko & Jian, Mary Stewart’s The Last Enchantment & Rose Cottage, Fres Mustard Stewart’s The Magnificent Savages, The Leftovers by Perotta, and Bell’s Cemetery Girl ā€” a book themed light switch cover and a faux roadsign w/ one arrow pointing right to CAMELOT & the other pointing left toward CERTAIN DEATH… both for my den.

* We also picked up a cool Hogwart’s Express sign and a Pink Lemonade sign (both of which have already been hung in the kitchen), some much needed gardening pots, a woodcraft pirate ship model (which I tried to assemble and have already threatened to pitch into the trash), a neat little ceramic black dragon, a stack of books for both Kim & Conn, and an odds and ends caddy case which I’ll probably dump dice or miniatures into.

* Oh, and best of all, we snatched up a Davy Jones Rubber Squid Mask for a song and a dance, which Connor wore to each and every rummage thereafter. Oddly enough, we got much better deals once he started casting his dangerous stare at the poor souls fool enough to come between us and their booty.

* All in all, a great day, accented by a day off spent running ragged. Well worth it (and then some)…

* I see a Bad Moon A-Risin’…


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