D&D… Next?


Rising from the ashes of 2008’s disastrous Fourth Edition, Dungeons and Dragons is set to once more challenge the RPG world.

After a long and involved play test of what was being called D&D Next, this fifth iteration of the popular gaming system has a lot of promise. I took part in the early stages of testing and , in the end, my thoughts were… why? Did anything dramatic change in the way the game is played, some mechanic that revolutionized the role-playing experience? The short and simple answer is… No.

After a ten year hiatus from gaming, my old high school band of brothers dusted off our dice for a reunion. A year and a half later we’re still getting together every month. Yes, we were rebitten by the bug and its been a blast.

For me, my first love will always be the Original D&D, though I played through and loved Advanced. By the time Third rolled around I was already entrenched in the way I roll-played. No new set of rules was going to change how I slung my dice.

That being said, I’ve made a point of purchasing each version, plus dipping into Pathfinder, 13th Age, and the like… mainly because there’s always something you might want to steal for your house rules.

Besides, I dig the artwork.

And these new D&D books sure look pretty.

The D&D Starter Set will be released in July, followed by a Player’s Handbook in August, Monster Manual in September, and Dungeon Master’s Guide in November. Each core book is 320 pages long and priced at $50, while the Starter Set is only $20.

I’ll definitely be springing for the Starter, but I think the $150 for the core books would be better spent elsewhere, like miniatures!


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