Alexander Imich — Occult Scholar & Parapsychologist

Alexander-ImichI read a fascinating article on Occult Scholar and Parapsychologist Alexander Imich this morning on the New York Times’ website.

Born on February 4, 1903, Imich is the oldest living man on the planet at 111 years.

A staggering accomplishment, to be sure. Of greater interest to me is his studies involving the paranormal.

In the 20s and 30s, Imich was involved in the research of an infamous medium known as Matylda for the Polish Society for Psychical Research. In 1932, he published a report titled Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie, in a German Scientific Journal, but, unfortunately, all unpublished research, documentation, and photographs were destroyed during World War II.

AImichIn 1952, Imich and his wife Wela moved to the US, and by 1965 had become a practicing parapsychologist and gave out the Imich Award for several years to those who furthered this field of study.

The author of numerous papers for journals in the field, Imich was also responsible for editing “Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”, published by Bramble Books in 1995. He founded the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center in 1999 in an attempt to establish a place where reproducible phenomena could be studied by scientists and the interested public.

Imich has since begun the arduous task of transferring his decades of records and research into the paranormal to the University of Manitoba Department of Archives and Special Collections.

I, for one, would be most curious to sift through this veritable mountain of data.


2 Responses to “Alexander Imich — Occult Scholar & Parapsychologist”

  1. debbie ruth simpson Says:

    where could I get any info on the messages that came through matylda s to alexander ? thank you

    • Actually I’m trying to get a translation of the published paper Imich wrote during that time. Unfortunately, the rest of his research was destroyed during the War.

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