Fast Five: Witchcraft Edition

A busy weekend, but as promised, here is a “Fast Five” list for you to chew on.


5. The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel of York by Charles Leland

Why did this make the list? Read this review for illumination.

4. Witches by Erica Jong

I remember sitting in the Oak Hill lunch room back in 1981, when my dear friend Shannon sat down beside me to show off this newly purchased treasure. It made quite an impression and I knew I had to have one for my own.

3. Sybil Leek’s Book of Curses (signed by the author)

It was hard to escape Sybil Leek in the 70s. She was everywhere. I’m not sure if I first became aware of her through The Mike Douglas Show or To Tell the Truth, but I was fascinated, to be sure. I discovered this little signed, hardcover treasure in a “bring one/take one” box in my local library when I was in junior high. Strange, but true.

2. Witchcraft Today by Gerald Gardner

Not a first edition, but my copy was printed in 1956. I discovered it in a secondhand store while on a “spiritual retreat” of sorts on the East Coast back in 1986. It cost me all of $3.00. In rough shape, but it had been much sought after. Finding it, purely by accident, adds to its charm.

1. What Witches Do by Stewart Farrar

I cut my teeth on Alexandrian Witchcraft and this first edition was a gift from one of my early mentors. It is dogeared and falling apart, held together by several rubber bands, and as such, completely priceless by my estimation.


If you’d like to comment below with your own list, I’d be more than interested.



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