My review of The Hunt for Three by Yvette Melendez

I “met” Yvette Melendez via twitter a few years back. We shared mutual interests in magick, comics, music, and pop culture. I’ve found her to be charming and blessed with a keen artistic eye. I liked her instantly and imagine that if we lived in a similar zip code we would be good friends. In November of last year, Yvette self-published what I believe is her first novel, The Hunt for Three, and she recently asked me to give it a read and review, to which I readily agreed.

hunt for threeThe Hunt for Three is an ambitious book, an urban fantasy and first in a series. Let me first state that, overall, I enjoyed Melendez’ attempt at crafting such a complex story. That it, unfortunately, exceeded her grasp is no crime. It’s too often a writer’s curse, one I’ve fallen victim to as well. The Hunt for Three has its merits, however, and anyone willing to overlook certain pitfalls will find some terrific characters throughout. Therein lies the author’s strength.

This world she has built is as rich as any you’ll find in the genre, populated by fae/human hybrids, djinn, dragons, and ancient spirits. I was quite taken by Aria, the flawed protagonist of the tale. She’s headstrong and prone to error, but has a vitality and fire that is compelling and avoids the trap that so many urban fantasies fall into.

The Hunt for Three suffers from being half as long as it should be. Granted, its brevity makes for a fast and roller-coaster read, but there are moments that fly by too fast. Sometimes a novel needs to breathe. A stronger editorial hand and another draft would have served this novel well, but there is a lot to like in these pages.

Sometimes awkward prose and breakneck pacing aside, Melendez has a powerful imagination and tremendous potential. As she hones her craft she has what it takes to be a powerful storyteller. I look forward to reading more in this series and watching her grow as an author.

The Hunt for Three by Yvette Melendez is available for the Kindle via Amazon.


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