G.O.B.smacked and Bullet-Riddled

* Too many publishers lack the wisdom or artistic eye to be involved in any way, shape, or form with book design and formatting. If I  pick up one more trade paperback with a miniscule font and quarter inch margin all around I am going to freaking scream, and then, more than likely, go on a murderous rampage throughout the small press and leave a trail of headless corpses in my wake.

* Remember when the good guys were, well, good guys? I’ve been noticing for a while now an increasing trend of torture and excessive force being used by the guys that are supposed to be wearing the white hats. When did this become acceptable and justifiable? Is this the world we live in now? Any means necessary?

* Congratulations to Brian Keene on being honored with the 2014 World Horror Grand Master Award. Brian’s a terrific writer and a good mate. I just wish they would have dropped the award on him with the condition that he had to write more Levi Stoltzfus stories. As in lots more.

* Had a weird dream last night. I wasn’t in it, per se. Merely an observer. Angelina Jolie was this quasi-immortal woman harvesting baby boys from the dirt. She mothered them, then became their lovers, and ultimately their goddess. She was dressed in red and was Babalon, the Sacred Whore. The boys aged, became men, and died old and decrepit, bodies cast into the expanse of yawning space where a black hole swirled in chaotic perfection. When the last old man was cast away, Babalon began to age, then she too floated off, drawn toward oblivion. Then, something stirred in the earth, and Babalon rose up fully formed from the dirt and the cycle began anew.

* Just finished Josh Reynold’s The Whitechapel Demon, featuring occult detective Charles St. Cyprian, though, for me, the real star of the book is Ebe Gallowglass. Man, I dig her. Awesome character. Josh has a great knack for capturing the dark and the light. His plots are dense and compelling, pulling you deeper and deeper into the mystery and the shadowed recesses of occult depravity. Where Josh really shines though is by inserting little slices of humor, snark, and witticisms into the tale. This bit of lightness makes the dark even more so. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. If you’ve not had the pleasure of reading one of Josh’s stories yet, you need to rectify that, pronto. You can find out more about him at HUNTING MONSTERS.

* Has there been a better era of television than the one we’re experiencing right now? No, I didn’t think so. Eagerly awaiting Game of Thrones’ return. And Constantine. They’d better not screw that one up.

* Currently reading Laird Barron’s The Imago Sequence and Other Stories. Brilliant writing. Wretched formatting (see first bullet point).

* Received Jim Cobb’s latest in the mail yesterday, Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Security, Off-the-Grid Power and More Life-Saving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living. Jim’s carved out quite a niche for himself. He is the authority when it comes to Survival Preparedness. He’s also a good friend. You should buy his books. Not because he’s a friend, mind you. Because they just might save your life. No fooling.

* Remember when comics used to be good. Yeah, me too. Now, I can count on one hand the stuff I look forward to each month. Thor. Truman’s Conan. Fatale. Anything by Cullen Bunn.


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