All Roads Lead to Carcosa



And so it ends.  Admittedly, there were some loose ends I would have liked to have seen sewn more tightly, but ultimately, for me, True Detective’s maiden voyage was a high point in television drama. I’m better for having watched it, though I fear the flood of imitations that are sure to follow in its wake. True Detective, I found, cut close to the bone of the type of stories I like to tell, that descent into darkness while clinging to the light. It was the perfect cocktail of drugs, sex, violence, and esoterica, a modern occult detective story with classic noir underpinnings. If nothing else, it has inspired me to continue on the path I’m on…


One Response to “All Roads Lead to Carcosa”

  1. […] I drank the Kool-Aid regarding True Detective. I blogged about it twice, at the beginning and the end. I heralded it as brilliant television, as something altogether special. I proclaimed Nic […]

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