Keeping it real

One of the true pleasures of writing speculative fiction is research, especially when complex twists on mythology and fringe science are intricate parts of your plot.

Take this morning for instance. So far I’ve pored over articles on retrograde signaling, long term potentiation, astral projection, past life regression, the Voluspa and the death and resurrection of Baldr, the Novikov self-consistency principle, Viking Age fighting techniques, wavefunction and the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and, lastly, the poetry of William Butler Yeats.

Yes, I know, it’s a seemingly grab-bagged and disjointed mess, but it all factors into the story that’s brewing in my head. The research helps to define and refine my ideas… and the more comfortable I am in the knowledge of these varying subjects the more verisimilitude I can pour into my tale.

Research such as this breathes life into your work. There’s an old saying as pertains to writers that one should “write what you know”. For me, that has always been seen as a challenge to never stop learning, to continually step outside your comfort zone and embrace new ideas and concepts. If nothing else, it lends itself to the creation of better fiction…


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