Writing is about juggling as much as anything else. It absolutely has to be a part of every author’s bag of tricks. There are two forms of juggling. There’s the kind we do within our stories, keeping plot and character moving in sync… And there’s the kind we do outside the comfort of our mental playground.

See, most of us are not full-time writers. Not by a long shot. The majority of us are tethered to a day job (or two). Me? I manage a 24 hour tech support office. That means I clock in 40 hours in the office and am “on call” for another 50-60 every week. Toss in time spent with family and friends, all the hours devoted to paranormal research, reading for pleasure (or for review, in my case), watching a bit of the old idiot box, and all the other various things that pop up in life and well, that doesn’t leave much for putting words on paper, let alone keeping all those characters and plot points up in the air.

It is a struggle. Day in and day out, a writer has to manage all these things, has to stay focused, has to keep the devil-sticks dancing. One slip up and it all comes crashing down.

Oh, and it will come crashing down. It always does.

The trick… the real trick… is not in how well you keep your equilibristics in check, but in how well and how quickly you pick them devil-sticks back up and start over.

For a writer, the option is never to say to hell with it and leave the sticks on the ground. The only option is to get them dancing again…


2 Responses to “Devil-Sticks”

  1. Tim Prasil Says:

    Ain’t it the truth, though. I was all set to get writing again after the holidays — and that’s when the flu hit Hit like a charging rhino…


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