Words to Write, Worlds to Build, & Magic to Weave

My posts for December have been embarrassingly few and far between. In fact, all of 2013 has seen a decrease in content. For that, I am sorry. It’s been a bothersome year, truth be told, with health and money problems, the passing of loved ones, bitter disappointments, and a general sense of dis-ease. Creatively I’ve been in a bit of a funk and all attempts to resolve this have thus far proved futile.

Honesty has a most peculiar sting.

As I told my wife but mere days ago, for all the trials and tribulations that have beset us through this past year, I still cling to a sense of contentment. That we are still living a magical and wonderful life is reaffirmed daily. My marriage is brilliant, our son a treasure, and I have the best friends a bloke like me could ever wish for.

I continue to have the utmost faith in my talents as a storyteller and envision 2014 as my chance to unfetter myself completely. My magical journey continues unabated.

This year has been a challenge, to be sure, but the storm has been weathered and I and we are stronger for it.

I have dreams and ambitions that cannot… will not… be deterred.

I have words to write, worlds to build, and magic to weave.

I have songs yet to be sung.

We shall end December on a series of high notes, beginning Tuesday the 17th. Yes, it’s time again for The Occult Detective Awards. When better to unleash them than on the last Full Moon of the year, and on a most numerologically significant date to boot.

Tonight, wife, child, and I journey to Narnia, then it’s on to Middle Earth come Monday, with stops at Hogwarts, Fillory, & Enochia along the way.

Magic is in the air… and Winter is coming.


2 Responses to “Words to Write, Worlds to Build, & Magic to Weave”

  1. Onward, occult soldiers! Plumbing depths of Soul,
    Pythagorean Mysteries lighting th’ Mind.

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