I’m in the bloody eye of it

I have always had a talent for working under pressure, to the point that without chaos surrounding me I tend to struggle a bit with focus. Chaos demands a clarity of purpose and intent.

I am currently editing three novels and a short story collection, writing an endcap to not one, but two ongoing book series, illustrating a project for Backburner Press, orchestrating a role-playing campaign, collecting material for an rpg project, and am nose deep into various other odds and ends too numerous (and esoteric) to mention. I have a mountainous stack of books that need reviewed and I just agreed to take part in a top secret mult-media project.

Oh, and I’m trying to put together a mini-con for the end of January.

You know that old saying about burning a candle at both ends? Well, someone’s lit it in the middle.

Chaos. Yep, I’m in the bloody eye of it.

And speaking of bloody eye, before I hurl myself once more into the abyss, I will share with you my latest commission piece, something done pro bono for some Odinist friends of mine.


And coming soon —
the 2013 Occult Detective Awards.

stay tuned

01 sigil magick


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