I saw Thor: The Dark World

Kim, Conn, & I did something we seldom do… we went to the cinema and took in a show. That show just so happened to be Thor: The Dark World.

I won’t bore you with a long and involved review. Suffice to say I liked it. I liked it a lot. In fact, one could say I loved it. Do I think you should see it? Why yes, yes I do. Why? Because it is epic in every sense of the word. Yes, there are Mjolnir-sized plot holes throughout. Yes, there are miscues. But there is also Loki. He steals the movie and more than makes up for Portman’s lack of screen charisma. Hiddleston’s got it in spades and Hemsworth owns Thor completely. It’s a damn good super hero flick and if you go for that sort of thing, Thor: The Dark World does not disappoint.


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