The Spirit of Hallowe’en


Last night, while I was out of town for something of a clandestine writers meeting, my ten year old son regaled his similarly aged cousins with a Hallowe’en poem he wrote for the occasion. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more proud. And you know what, I think Neil Gaiman would be too. It is what All Hallow’s Read is all about — the sharing of stories.

allhallowsread2Connor is a naturally gifted storyteller. That he put so much thought into this and shared his gift with others at this time of year warms my heart. He has a bright (and dark) future ahead of him.

allhallowsreadSo, my friends, take this as a challenge. It is All Hallow’s Eve after all. Share your scary stories with your loved ones. Buy scary books and give them as gifts or write something dark and wondrous of your own… but share these stories. It plays to the very Spirit of Hallowe’en.

There’s just two days till Hallowe’en… Let’s make this year’s All Hallow’s Read something special.

Connor already has.


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