The Goose Creek Horror


Thirty years ago tonight the Nightstalkers were born.

What do I remember most from that night? An inverted pentagram framing the full moon overhead. The roadway covered with dead fish. The fumbling of the Invocation. The circle of protection being inadvertently broken (way to go, Andy). A frightened teenage girl whispering, “Oh God…” and a sinister reply —”Your god can’t help you now!” And screams. Lots of screams.

Thirty years later and that evening is still just as fresh in my mind as it was the day after. It was a defining moment. I went from dabbling in the paranormal to becoming a serious student, practitioner, and investigator of unseen forces and all those many things that go bump in the night.

It’s been a long road filled with countless thrills and chills along the way, but that road always leads back to Goose Creek, in the heart of the Mississinewa Reservoir, back to where it all began, on a cold, autumn night, with a blood moon piercing the darkness and the haunting memory of what happened there.


One Response to “The Goose Creek Horror”

  1. Leave the dead fish demons in Japan where they belong, but do tell us more!

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