My review of The Witches’ Almanac (Issue 33 / Spring 2014-2015)

mysticearthThe Witches’ Almanac continues to impress with their latest outing — “Mystic Earth” (Issue 33 / Spring 2014-2015).

I have in the past waxed poetic for the stapled format of years gone by, but the newer style had grown on me. A shame that they have altered their face once more. It is my one serious complaint. Still, it’s what lies between the covers that matters most, no?

“Mystic Earth” simply bubbles with delectable content that embraces all manner of esoteric disciplines.  It is a rich buffet, sampling from a myriad of occult flavors. There’s truly something for everyone inside. Packed with illustrations and wood-cuts to enhance their little essays, the word I most often fall back on to describe the work they’re doing here is “whimsical”.

The Witches’ Almanac remains the perfect appetizer. I have made a steady diet of it for many years and look forward to continuing to do so for many more to come.

Notable articles include:

Edgar Allan Poe: Literary Conjurer of the Macabre and Mysterious by Dikki-Jo Mullen
The Night-Time Mind of the Witch by Lee Morgan
Druid Wands by Nialla NiMacha
The Wicker Man by Marina Bryony
Speaking with Angels: An Introduction to the Enochian System of Occultism by Anthony Teth
Graveyard Dust by Morven

The Witches’ Almanac is available wherever books are sold. Many thanks to Red Wheel/Weiser for supplying me with a review copy.


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