Today is the last day of September. In a few short hours we will enter October Country. To close out this month I want to share with you a little dream I have, a dream I call Greybeard’sAn Emporium for Writers ~ Artists ~ Gamers ~ & More.

If Greybeard’s existed, anywhere other than in my thoughts, it would be a quaint little shop in a quiet little town. Inside you would find shelves packed with used books and games, display cases filled painted miniatures and dice and runes and tarot cards, and long tables – some stacked with merchandise while others are surrounded by old-school roleplayers. There would be workshops for authors and artists and dreamers of all stripes, and readings and showings and all manner of exciting goings-on.

Greybeard’s would be a haven for dreamers and weavers of magic.

I have a place in mind and it has been offered in idyll conversation. Though I doubt it will come to pass, I can still dream of it and make it real… even if it’s just for a little while.

But tomorrow brings October — time for the harvest sprites and Autumn rites for she who walks beyond the corn, while scarecrows dance and black cats prance around a witch’s hat unworn.


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