110312 - Den 011See this picture? Take a good look, because it’s in the process of being massively altered.

I am purging books.

I know, I know. It hurts, but as I grow older I’ve come to the realization that I’m a book hoarder.

I have, literally, thousands of books. Thousands.


The vast majority I’ll never read again, never dip into for reference.

There is no reason, other than a hoarder mentality, that I should cling to these things.

As I wade into my shelves, I am carefully culling those that I will not read again, nor long to share with others. Gone will be those that are just dead trees, taking up space that could be better utilized.

Do not get me wrong. I love books just as passionately now as I ever have. I will cling to, till my bitter end, those cherished volumes that make my heart soar… and they number into the hundreds. I’ve just decided that those most beloved need room to breathe.


4 Responses to “Ex-Libris”

  1. How are you purging the books Bob? Halloween bonfire! :)

  2. You might consider taking them to a used book store — and enjoy that feeling of selling your children for lunch money.

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