Death Poems by Thomas Ligotti

ligottiIf you’re interested in a morbid glimpse behind the final curtain, one need look no further than Thomas Ligotti’s collection of Death Poems. Often cynical, and downright flippant to be sure, Thomas Ligotti, celebrated master of the genre, reveals his erudite dissection of faux sentimentality and reverence. Best known for horrific prose, Ligotti, as a poet, is equally adept. He cultivates an enduring sense of rhythm throughout, thoughtful but relaxed, and therein lies the weight of his observations. Certainly a must have for Ligotti fans, but Death Poems will be equally at home on the shelves of those with a more general interest in verse. Of course, these poems are unmistakably bleak and despondent, even when a lighter touch is expressed. Not that they’ll send one looking for a razor, mind you, but this collection does raise interesting questions — not by romanticizing death, but by showing no great affection for its opposite condition.

— reviewed for The Monster Librarian

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