My Review of We Are the Children of the Stars


I first read this book, under its original title, in 1976, but I was by no means a stranger to Otto Binder, even then. Not only had I already read his earlier works —What We Really Know About Flying Saucers, Flying Saucers Are Watching Us, and Unsolved Mysteries of the Past — but I was a huge fan via his legendary comic book career. Binder, you see, was the creator of Supergirl, Krypto, Brainiac, The Phantom Zone, a huge chunk of the Marvel Family, Miss America, and Kid Eternity, among near countless others. He wrote the very first Legion of Super-Heroes story and launched Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. The man was a celebrated pulp fiction and comic book author, close friends with Manly Wade Wellman (another of my childhood heroes), and a frequent contributor to numerous publications that I subscribed to in my formative years.

Otto Binder was an early proponent of the Ancient Astronaut theory and Mankind — Child of the Stars, written with Max Flindt, was certainly a groundbreaking work in that field. I would consider the book’s re-release by Hampton Roads, under the title We Are the Children of the Stars, a must-read by all those interested in the subject. This is where it all began, with a thoughtful and dissecting look at human evolution, where the possibility (or as the authors’ state — the probability) that modern humans are the end result of alien visitors’ influence on our genetic structure is explored.

It was a real thrill for me to revisit Flindt and Binder’s book almost forty years after I’d first read it. It took me back to my childhood when I gazed up at the stars and wondered how anyone could truly believe that we were alone in the universe. Revisiting We Are the Children of the Stars was really eye-opening in that I was able to see just how many of their theories, theories I read as a child, have gone on to become such an integral  part of Ancient Alien pop culture.

Look, I fully understand that we all need to take this stuff with more than just a few grains of salt, but man, it’s fun stuff. This is what freaking inspired Jack Kirby, man! The Eternals, New Gods and Inhumans, and the High Evolutionary and Celestials and… Oh just buy the book. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Let your mind soar with the possibilities before you come crashing back down to Earth. These are where my thoughts flew as a child and it was great to return there for just a little while.


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