Yes. Weirder Tales.


Yes, Weirder Tales is coming. In August.

What can you expect? A weekly comic page, free of charge, for starters. Sometimes more, depending on my mood and whatever else I’m juggling at that particular moment.

Who’s involved? Well, there’s me, of course. Writing. Drawing. Editing. And whatnot. We can’t forget whatnot. But also, I’ve already received two scripts (yes, honest to goodness comic scripts) from Grimacing Greg Mitchell, several St. Cyprian stories from Jovial Josh Reynolds, a couple of tales from the keyboard of Wily Willie Meikle, and the promise of fiction from the Tyrannical Tracy DeVore and Marauding Maurice Broaddus. And that’s just for starters (and I didn’t even mention Oddfellows Serenade from myself and Creepy Chris Wilson).

Why? Because we like you. M-O-U-S-E, baby.


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