I received an email from a fan (yes, I do have fans) who asked about the significance of the occultdetective.comics image you see above. I’ve been splashing it about for a few years now, as it’s a piece of art I’m quite proud of, and yes, there is more than meets the eye to it. Let’s look behind the veil just a tad, shall we?

On the surface it’s a scene from my short story “The Cabin in the Woods” wherein Dr. Landon Connors first makes the acquaintance of investigators Selina Wolfe and Martin Crowe.

Also hidden in the logo, however, is a nod to one of my favorite occult novels. Any guesses?

You’ll notice, discerning reader, that the tentacles of the Great Old One rearing up behind the cabin form the number 81.

The answer is Moonchild, also known as Liber 81 — The Butterfly Net, by Aleister Crowley.

Written in 1917, but not published until 1929, Moonchild is a ripping occult detective tale. The Aberdeen Press wrote, “Moonchild is not more fantastic than a thorough going “thriller”, but it is also a satire and an allegory, full of disorder and genius.” Genius. Yeah, that’s the right word. Set just prior to World War I, Crowley populated his novel with thinly disguised versions of his friends and enemies, including Arthur Edward Waite, MacGregor Mathers, Annie Besant, Allen Bennett, and himself, of course (not once, but most likely twice).

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. The question was asked, and now it’s been partially answered.


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