A spectacular Memorial weekend, three days of it (for the most part), in which I attended a baby shower, browsed both a bookstore and two (count them – TWO) flea markets (and a HUGE BARN SALE, as the sign so clearly proclaimed), lightsaber-dueled my little Sith Lord in the middle of an ungodly, but quite magical downpour, communed with undead spirits and fellow ghostbreakers, and, last but not least by any stretch, enjoyed the unfettered company of my lady love. And I even worked the phones a bit. How’s that for making the most of a holiday?

Today is an art day, as I tackle some commissioned work, and then, if the gods are kind, I will lose myself in verse between Odin’s Day and Frey’s.

June looms before us and there’s so much to do and pressing little time to do it in, but with a wink and a nudge and a softly spoken spell or two, magick will bear fruit.

To arms, spellsingers and wordweavers and artisans of dark imaginings. Create while you can. The end is nigh and I am high, but the wind will whisper nonetheless.



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