I want to believe — my review of Don Donderi’s UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions.

On the evening of August 2, 2006, I saw an unexplained phenomena in the skies over my hometown — a long “comet” trail that streaked across the sky at an impressive speed that ended in a tremendous fireball explosion. It produced no sound. I reported the incident to local authorities via telephone and then made a further in-person statement to the town marshal. At that time I was informed that several calls had come in reporting black triangular objects flying in that vicinity. A few years earlier I had witnessed one of these triangular objects while vacationing in Florida. While I suspect the craft was a military Stealth plane, the explosion I saw in Indiana remains a complete and utter mystery to me.

I’ve always had a fascination for UFOs. Let’s face facts, I’m a sucker for the whole bag-of-weird — sea serpents, Bigfoot, ancient aliens, crop circles, ghosts, Oak Island, werewolves, et cetera ad nauseum. If it tickles the imagination… if there’s a mystery… I’m there. I’m curious and I WANT to believe. But not on faith. No, never that. I want answers to all the spectacular mysteries this universe has to offer. It’s one of the principle reasons that I studied anthropology, archaeology, and ancient religions in college. It’s why, to this day, I continue to refer to myself as a paranormal adventurer.

Donderi UFOWith all that in mind, let’s take a look at a review copy of a book by Don Donderi, Phd I recently received from Hampton Roads titled UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence.

First, let me state, I enjoyed the book. It’s well written and well packaged. A bit thin considering the subject matter at only 200 pages or so, but it manages to cover a wide breadth of material. I would not consider this conclusive, by any stretch. Donderi, for all his allusions to the contrary, will not sway anyone’s opinions. If you believe, you’ll continue to do so. If not? Well, there’s nothing here to change your mind.

Still, this is a well researched study on the matter, or at least, the beginning of one. As I said, considering the massive volume of case studies, this book makes a quick pass through the material, spotlighting a few high profile instances.

Don Donderi is well versed in the data and maneuvers it with aplomb. The primary focus of this paper, and that’s really what it is, is a call for government agencies be more forthcoming with information they’ve gathered concerning extraterrestrial surveillance, and for a more unified global response to what he perceives as an active and ongoing trespass by alien “visitors”.

Are we being visited by aliens? Are they experimenting on us? These are intriguing questions. Unfortunately, this book doesn’t answer them, but it does challenge our imagination and encourages an open dialogue in which these questions can be asked without prejudice or ridicule.

If you have any interest at all in so-called alien phenomena, UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions is a book well worth your time. You may not get the answers you seek, but it does ask all the right questions.

UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence by Don Donderi, Phd is available wherever books are sold.


2 Responses to “I want to believe — my review of Don Donderi’s UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions.”

  1. Your Fireball sighting fits a bolide perfectly.

    • I thought the same thing. The really odd part was the multiple reports of several black triangular aircraft converging on the scene, though no one else reported the bolide event.

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