Time Well Spent

Took a weekend sabbatical away from the Internet. Admittedly it was easily done as our connection to the World Wide Web is sorely limited right now. Our connection is made via line-of-sight wireless and spring always makes this rather dodgy at best, and each year is progressively worse because of our choosing to live in the wilderness. Trees, those lovely bastions of eternal promise, are bloody obstacles to this form of Internet connection. We’ll be making a switch to fibre-to-the-home soon, but for now, this weekend gave us the opportunity to forgo the tethers of cyberspace and have a bit of fun as a family.

It was Mother’s Day weekend, and as my own mother was in far-off Arkansas for a family funeral, my wife, gods love her, got all of the attention Connor and I could muster. Saturday we made a run into Big R and purchased two trees, a Red Bud and Dogwood. We’d planned on planting them on Sunday, but a frost warning put that off until tonight once I get off work. Sunday we treated Kim to breakfast in bed (eggs & bacon), walked the yard and plotted out where we’d plant her new trees, then had chicken stir-fry for supper. We also hung up some of our art treasures in the house, old prints by John Waterhouse, that really put a bit of spark into our decor.

As evening fell upon us, we watched the season finale of Once Upon A Time, then I slipped off to watch Game of Thrones by my lonesome. Before bed, I got to marvel at a painting Connor did while I was in the back room. A very modern, surrealistic painting that appeared to be an alien with something bursting from its chest from one angle, a leaping wolf from another. Truly marvelous.

It was a good weekend, and much needed. Hell, anytime I get to lose myself in my two favorite people on this ravaged planet is a red letter day. I’ve got the best wife and son a bloke like me could ask for. I’m as lucky as a guy can get, believe you me.

And to top things off, I’ve been needing to write a story — something special — for a while now, and it all sort of hit me out of nowhere. It’s up there now, swirling around inside my haunted head waiting to be scribbled down.

A good weekend? Not even close. This was a great one…


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