May Day’s Hail of Bullets

* I’ll be kicking it at Mo*Con 8 on Saturday. I’ve been in a funk lately and I’m hoping that rubbing shoulders with my peers will be just the kick in the ass I’m needing. There are several rather important deadlines on the near horizon and I have a backlog of out-of-print works that need addressed. It’s high time I did something about it… and then some.

* I watched an episode of Dr. Who. “Hide” was its name. Took place in a “haunted mansion” called Caliburn House. I didn’t see Landon Connors snooping about however. I did not enjoy the episode and I continue to be flabbergasted by the franchise’s rabid fan base. To each their own.

* Kim, Conn, & I drove to take a gander at the old stone bridge not far from where I was raised, in the rural wilderness outside of Converse proper. Instead we got up close and personal with a turkey vulture with a broken wing and several deer carcasses. And thus a story was born.

* I am still staggered by the truth that my favorite character on Game of Thrones is an incestuous child crippler.

* Reading Joe Hill’s Horns. He writes purty, but then he has good genes. That being said, I’m not always sure where his head is at.

* Ten Grand by JMS & Ben Templesmith is a smashingly good comic. In the wake of us losing Hellblazer, this one’s a breath of fresh brimstone.

* My religious beliefs, magical provocations, and philosophical leanings are often at odds, but they come together in a perverse synthesis that is slightly akin to madness.

All f’r now, spoonbenders. More tomorrow, if the gods are willing and the creek don’t rise… again.


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