Feeling Lumpy

I’ve been stumbling for a while now, off my game. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve preached time and time again about the nature of the beast. One false move and it’s ready to devour you. Well, the beast took a bite out of me, but it didn’t finish me off. Not by a long shot.

It’s a simple thing, really, this magical game. You lock down who you are — what makes you tick — and you see it through to the bitter end. Your PURPOSE — why are you here — and no one else’s. It is all about WILL. Recognizing it. Defining it. Making it MANIFEST. Wrapping yourself in the dark cloak of FULFILLMENT. Of ASCENSION. Of bloody DESTINY. Of WYRD and ORLOG.

Make no mistake… it is a war. A war against SELF.

A couple of years back I posted a blog that sums up perfectly where I find myself today. I share it with you now, as much as a reminder to myself as to you:

One Lump or Two? (March 7, 2011)

“You can have all the adventures you like in Asgard, but every so often you have to go back to Earth and take your lumps from the Absorbing Man.” — Len Wein, as quoted by John Byrne

I’ve always had a fondness for that quote. For one, I’ve been a lifelong comics fan, particularly of the Mighty Thor, and secondly it sort of strikes close to home. Maybe it does for you as well. See, the rub is this, no matter how much we strive to elevate ourselves, “real” life comes along and knocks us down a peg now and then. It’s the innate struggle.

C.S. Lewis stated quite elegantly, and accurately, that we don’t “have a soul“. We “have a body“. The soul is what we are — what matters. Its progress is the determining factor.

I have been a paranormal adventurer for far more years than I have not. I have seen and experienced wondrous things, things that the uninitiated would deem impossible to believe. But for all that I have learned, through study and practice, I still have to, on occasion, take my lumps from the Absorbing Man.

Even an adept must soil his feet by walking in the here and now.

To be  discouraged by these “setbacks” is foolish. It is life. Our spiritual union with the physical body is no small thing. We’re here for a reason. The lumps are the price of admission.


One Response to “Feeling Lumpy”

  1. YES. I. have been on that cycle with no helmet…

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