Writing In Theory & Practice: What If…?


What if you wrote a novel, critically acclaimed mind you, but no one, for all intents and purposes, bought it? Do you bask in the glow of the stellar reviews or do you become mired by self-doubt due to abysmally poor sales? The correct answer, I hope, is that you dwell on neither of these two possibilities. See, there’s a third choice in the equation and that is “to write”.

I guess, before continuing I should apologize for the lack of another installment of Father Knows Best. It is Friday after all, traditionally Free Fiction Day in these here parts. Fact of the matter is, there are more than a few things on my mind distracting me from delving once more into the Parker Brothers’ world. Rather than force my hand to churn out what could very well be a lackluster chapter in my little serial, better I think to take a deep breath and collect myself.

I am not prone to bouts of depression. Oh sure, I had my moments back in my younger years, but those were fueled by equal parts alcohol dependency and being something of a lost soul at the time. That I’m out of sorts of late has been brought on by many factors, none of which I will force upon you. Suffice to say that sometimes in the game of life your dice rolls come up snake eyes. The key to overcoming such is simple, keep rolling.

Which, I suppose brings me back to my opening salvo.

I’ve decided to shelve plans to write more Wolfe & Crowe and Cairnwood Manor novels. Oh, I’m not done with the characters. Their stories will continue, in a fashion, by appearances in the Parker Brothers serials, and occasional guest appearances in my Landon Connors tales. But to write further novels with these characters, considering the lackluster sales of the three novels to date (two Cairnwood Manor novels — Shadows Over Somerset / Keepers of the Dead — and Descendant) is a fool’s errand. If you’re a fan of these books, I encourage you to look in on Fridays for glimpses into their worlds via the Parkers. You may have noticed several of them already. You can expect even more appearances in the future. I’ll not leave you hanging, true believers.

I mentioned yesterday that I needed to get my writings in order, come up with a game plan for moving forward. More importantly, I need, very much, to get my mojo back.

It’s won’t be easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is.

See you next week.



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