Tabletop Tuesday: Checkmate

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I’ve been working overtime on the Enochia Gazetteer & Compendium, having completed just over a hundred pages. This things serves multiple purposes. For one thing, it’s a role-playing aid that I’m using in not one, not two, but three different campaigns I’m running right now. But more importantly, this thing’s my writer’s bible for the sword & sorcery / occult detective stories I’m writing. And you know what, building this thing has been a blast. Packed full of illustration and mountains of all the little intricate details of the political, religious, and cultural aspects of this world.

Here’s a little taste:



Like I said, a lot of fun.

I’ve also had a wee bit of an obsession lately — playing the oldest of old school when it comes to tabletop gaming — Chess. I’m a terrible chess player, but I love the game. I ended up with a new computer program and it has put me through the paces. I’m winning about 75% of the time, playing to a draw 20%, and well, losing the rest. Maybe it’s time to raise the difficulty level? Did I mention I’m a terrible player? I think I’ll enjoy my victories for a while longer.

The big “International Tabletop Day” is only 18 days away. Get your dice loaded and your game face on.


One Response to “Tabletop Tuesday: Checkmate”

  1. I’ll admit–I am SO not a sword & sorcery guy, but I’m very intrigued by your S&S/Occult Detective blend. I’ll be picking it up for sure.

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