Two Reviews: Steampunk Magic & Make Magic of Your Life

I’ve two books to discuss today, each quite different from the other, but both an unexpected delight.

The first is one that I had more than a few misgivings about going in, but found that I was both quickly and easily won over by the author’s whimsical and ecstatic passion for the wonders of all things steampunk. Steampunk Magic: Working Magic Aboard the Airship is fun. Capital F. Capital U. Capital N. Make no mistake. If you have any interest in the genre at all, you will fall in love with this book, I suspect. It embraces the genre and all it entails and Gypsey Elaine Teague is a worthy ambassador.

steampunkWithin its pages you get a quick rundown of what steampunk is before it dives headlong into the business of working magic within its boundaries. From utilizing the tools of the trade, to invoking the pantheon of deities that make steampunk sizzle — can anything be more thrilling than calling upon Nickolai Tesla himself to raise metaphysical energies? — to spellcasting and ritual bedecked in goggles and Victorian finery.

Sure, you laugh. But you shouldn’t. If steampunk is your thing, this is where you throw caution to the wind and embrace it for all it’s worth. This is pop magick at work, no different than calling upon Kirby’s New Gods and evoking Lovecraft’s Old Ones. Who knows, you probably laugh about that too. But again… you shouldn’t. Magic is in the eye of the beholder. Passion and firm belief, coupled with the power of imagination and creative visualization, are the most potent tools in a wizard’s bag of tricks. Steampunk Magic embraces this and Gypsey Teague has crafted a wondrous treatise for fans of the genre who are looking for just wee bit more… and it delivers.

The second book I had the pleasure of reading this past week comes from T. Thorn Coyle. Make Magic of Your Life is a perfect companion to Steampunk Magic as it serves as a guide toward identifying what our deep desires are, with insightful and constructive instruction on how we might move toward those desires and manifest them in our lives. Coyle does this through what she calls the Four Powers of the Sphinx — to Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Keep Silence.

makemagicClever lady, our Ms. Coyle. Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose, and the Power of Desire dances effortlessly between the spiritual and the practical, with intriguing and transformative exercises fitting for the novice and adept alike.

T. Thorn Coyle cuts to the heart of the matter and delivers a powerful and evocative book that is a complement to your spiritual journey, no matter the path you’ve chosen.

Make Magic of Your Life is a book for everyone, while Steampunk Magic scratches an itch for a specific crowd. Both are worthy additions to your metaphysical library.

Both books can be purchased through the good folks at RedWheel/Weiser. Feed the beast and the beast will feed you.


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