Tabletop Tuesday: A Chip Off the Old Block

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So I came home from work last night and my boy was standing there waiting for me. He had that glint in his eye that told me something was up. He smiled and said I got a letter in the mail and produced an envelope addressed to me from him. Hm, what’s this? I tore the envelope open and took out a letter he had handwritten to me during school. It read:

Dear Dad,

Thanks you for teaching me how
to RPG. It’s a fun game, can’t
wait til next time.

Connor Freeman

Damn, talk about bringing a tear to an old man’s eye. Conn’s 9 years old and I love him more than anything. I wish you could see the unbridled joy he has when we drag out the Dungeon Tiles, Pathfinder Pawns, and bag full of polyhedrons. He’s a natural storyteller and extremely creative. Role-playing is a perfect vehicle to release that creativity and to allow him to showcase his talent for improvisation and problem solving. I’m really proud of that kid and getting to share something I’m passionate about means the world to me.


We’ll be slinging some dice tonight. His character, a third level fighter named Val, is partnered up with an Ogre named Thun (rhymes with fun), a goblin named Soggybottom, and the latest addition to their company — Kendra, a human cleric dedicated to Frigga. This misfit band is headed toward the Border Lands and the Caves of Chaos and then up into Deathshead Peaks for a showdown with a young white dragon.

I can hardly wait. And best of all? Neither can he.


3 Responses to “Tabletop Tuesday: A Chip Off the Old Block”

  1. That is really awesome :)

  2. Shaun Keenan Says:

    I’m swinging…

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