Review: The Secret History of the Reptilians

SHRWell, I mentioned last week that I was reading The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion, and Alien Mythos by Scott Alan Roberts and promised a review. For good or ill, I suppose it’s time to get down to the meat of it. Do I recommend this book to anyone but diehard fringe conspiracy enthusiasts? Not on your life, brothers and sisters. In fact, if you’re not one of those obsessive conspiracy hounds and ancient alien flagbearers, you’d best stay as far away from this one as possible.

I will say this, Roberts has a way with words and can completely draw you in with his narrative voice. He’s a hell of a writer, but then the best con men usually have a gift for it, the stringing together of just enough fact to make their fiction more easily swallowed.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a fun read, from cover to cover. It’s also a bunch of nonsense, but with enough meat on the bone to keep you gnawing away at it. I mean, it’s all here — ancient mythologies, Merovingian kings, The Thule, Nazis — all part of the reptilian conspiracy, propagating their evil influence and manipulating mankind for their fiendish, extraterrestrial plot to keep us enslaved to these cruel and hidden masters.

Makes for a great sci-fi novel, but as a basis of real history? Yeah, not so much.

It’s times like these that I miss my old friend Kay Connett-Hankinson, may she Rest in Peace. She would have loved this book and I imagine the two of us would have had a fascinating back and forth for days on end going over the complexities of it all. Sadly, she is no longer with us, and thus my tolerance for such things is far thinner than it once was.

Look, if this kind of thing is right up your alley, then by all means, dive in. Personally, I eat this stuff up, and I know that many of you out there do too. I like to sift through the ridiculous and capture little kernels of truth scattered within. See, I have my own theories, but they’re for me to know and the Secret Chiefs to figure out.

The Secret History of the Reptilians: The Pervasive Presence of the Serpent in Human History, Religion, and Alien Mythos by Scott Alan Roberts, I’m told, can be purchased from a brick-and-mortar  bookstore, but then they are even more elusive than our Reptilian Overlords, so why not feed the machine and conjure up a copy from Amazon. If ancient alien conspiracies are your bag, then this one is a must-read if ever there was one. You buy the book, I’ll supply the salt.


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