Deadlines, Commitments, & the Spilling of Blood

The deadline for Inferoscrypta, a 5000 word short story I’m working on, looms. I have until 11:59 this evening to finish this beast off, give it a quick edit, and ship her off to what I hope are the eagerly awaiting eyes of its publisher. That being said, no Parker Brothers installment today. I know, I know… two weeks in a row. But damn, a guy’s got to eat, right? How about a little peace offering? Here’s a quick character study I did of Inferoscryta’s protagonist — Raben Wulfsson. Yes, it’s a sword & sorcery tale, in full pulp mode.


Sorry I can’t stay and play. For me, it’s back to the salt mines. Hold down the fort while I spill some blood in the hold of corsair taking on water in the Northrian Sea. Enochia awaits.


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