Alone in the Dark?


Saturday I got together with some old friends, to sling dice and slay dragons ( more on that tomorrow). Nearing the end of our gaming session, odd noises began to filter down to us, then, we were fairly confident we were hearing voices as well, female voices. We pressed on, chased off a dragon instead of slaying it and then parted company, my friends heading back into the snow filled night leaving me alone in the dark.

Well, far be it from me to pass up an opportunity. If the spirits want so badly to be heard, who am I to turn a deaf ear?

I grabbed my traveling spell bag, a small black case stuffed with my adventuring instruments and paraphernalia. Inside are the basics — a pencil and journal, chalk, salt, iron spikes, an EMF detector, tarot cards, runes stones, a pendulum, a Tibetan thunderbolt, various magically charged trinkets, a dagger, wand, and a spirit board. I keep this in my van at all times, you know, just in case.

So, with bag slug over my shoulder, I made my way upstairs. I created a sacred space in the middle of the second floor hallway and called out to the old lodge spirits. It wasn’t long before the stirrings returned, manifesting as footsteps in the side rooms and overhead. A spied a shadow form pass across the hall, from one room to another, then the whispers came.

I’ve got to tell you, even after a few decades of experience with happenings such as these, I was still unnerved. I could never quite make out what these voices were saying, but they were clearly female, and at least two separate entities, maybe more.

I thanked them for trying to communicate, promised I’d be back, and closed the circle, then with gear collected, headed out into the descending white powder that was blanketing the ‘verse.

All in all, a spectacular evening, capped by a wondrous experience with unseen, but no unheard spirits.


3 Responses to “Alone in the Dark?”

  1. I have a travel bag, too. Mine is more aimed at “sudden need to perform blessing, banishing, or other priestly duty.”

    I should add chalk. I have cornmeal and holy water.

    • I normally have some homebrewed “holy” water as well, but I depleted my supply some time back and haven’t restocked. I have a small rune-inscribed copper vessel that hangs by my firepit that collects rain water for just such a purpose, but I’ve been negligent in transferring it to my bag in a timely manner. I suspect this will bite me in the ass at some future point.


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