Out on the Tiles

So, I’ve got a new computer here at work. Of course, reinstalling programs and apps I need for my job, never mind the things I use for pleasure, is taking more than a little time. I had planned to catch up on the blog today, but it looks like between wrangling my new machine, plus setting up another office PC and our office tablet, I’ll be under the gun today as well.

As a piece offering I thought I’d share what Connor and I were up to last night. As I’ve posted previously, I’ve been dipping my toes (ah hell, whom am I kidding, I’m at least waist deep) back into tabletop gaming. This is the damage Connor and I wrought in the still of the night, with a baleful moon casting a mournful glow upon the frozen wasteland of the Hoosier north country.




Built by a dad and his boy in an hour or so with Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeon Tiles using the Wilderness box set, two Castle Grimstead sets, Shadowghast Manor, and Witchlight Fens.


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