Write or die


Writing is a challenge each and every time you sit down at the computer, fingers poised to do their dance on the keyboard, but truthfully the biggest struggle is just getting into that chair and doing the work. The stories are never the problem for me. Those come easy. The characters? While they can still surprise me, they’re still as comfortable as old friends to work with. The challenge is pushing the outside world to the side and letting my inner world take the reins. I’m sure you’ve all faced this. Oh, it would be simple enough if you’re fortunate to be a full-time writer, but toss a day job (or two) into the mix, sprinkle in familial responsibilities and a hobby or three and suddenly we’re facing a bit of a dilemma. But that’s okay, because you’re a writer. You’ll get through it. Why? Because writers are a special breed. We persevere because we’re first and foremost storytellers. It is in our blood, in our souls. We make it work because to not do so would be soul-crushing. So take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Relax. Got it? You there? Of course you are. Now… type.


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