Some Quick Bits

Extremely under the weather, so here are some quick bits to carry you through until Monday and a more fully recovered Occult Detective (I hope).

— Descendant is now available on Amazon.

— A new Parker Brothers Paranormal Mystery begins one week from today (the gods willing and the creek don’t rise) on this very website.

— A new Landon Connors story, “Dreams of Winter”, will appear next month in the Vampires Don’t Sparkle anthology from Seventh Star Press.

— One week from Saturday (January 5th) I will be dusting off me old Dungeon Masters cloak and lording over a reunion of the Oak Hill Dungeons and Dragons Club. Unfortunately, Laurell K. Hamilton will be unable to attend, but old mates Shaun Keenan, Steve Congdon, Mike Duncan, Doug Gentry, John and Alison Hall, Joe Strunk, and Brent Smith are confirmed to once more throw themselves into the fray. It’s been, quite literally, decades since we last gathered round a table, polyhedrons in hand, to do battle against innumerable beasties intent on gaining glory and treasure in the bowels of some godsforsaken orc and goblin infested cavernous complex.

— Tonight marks the final full moon of 2012. As noted elsewhere by yours truly, “Dark rites beneath a cold moon. Ancient wards upon a silent oak. The long night’s spectre wakes.”

— I learned today that there was never such a person as Peter Saxson. The author was in fact but the publisher’s house name for their line of horror novels. Still, I have a hankering to revisit the Guardian series, particularly “The Curse of Rathlaw”, penned by a chap by the name of Martin Thomas.

— Played The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly game with Kim and Connor. Big fun, it was.

— Next week’s Magick Monday will feature my review of Edred Thorsson’s ALU: An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology.

— Watch for my reviews of Entombed by Brian Keene on The Crow’s Caw and Creeping Stones by Cullen Bunn on Monster Librarian shortly.

— Speaking of Cullen Bunn, he’s promised to send me a review copy of Helheim #1. Vikings + Zombies = Awesome, right? Stay tuned.

— Happy Birthday to Stan “The Man” Lee, who helped teach a young boy to read, expanded his vocabulary one thousand fold, and inspired him to tell his own stories. EXCELSIOR!!!

Until Monday… Cheers.


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