“Citizen Fang”



Season 8 Episode 9

“Citizen Fang”

This treading of water is really starting to annoy me. Do I really, once again, have to draw attention to the fact that the Supernatural Writers Room is choke full of numbskulls who obviously haven’t watched the previous seven seasons of the show, or if they have, just weren’t  paying attention? We have been down this road before, many times in fact. Sam and Dean should be beyond this drama. If you want conflict between the brothers, if you feel that’s a necessary component of the show, then at least come at it from a fresh angle. For five seasons the boys dealt with these issues, and they were resolved. Now, here we are, watching them go through these same old tired melodramatic motions. It’s wearing pretty thin.

And that’s a real shame, because there is plenty of meat on the bone this season. Purgatory, Benny, Cas. The overall thrust of Season Eight’s story arc is solid stuff. It’s the main characters they’re getting wrong, approaching Sam and Dean’s relationship with such wrongheadedness that it puts everything into question. And it all falls on Jeremy Carver’s head. Sara Gamble, who I respected as a writer very much, dropped the ball when she assumed the showrunner chair. Carver is doing the same.

“You’re out of pecan? Story of my life.”
— Dean Winchester

But you know what, I’ve not given up all hope. Not yet. It’s all still salvageable. For all the little bumps in the road, the Metallicar’s still rolling. Does Season 8 have its problems? You betcha. But it is still miles better than Seasons 6 and 7.

“Citizen Fang”, minus the Winchester angst, was a damn good episode. Benny is a great character. He and Dean’s bond is an exciting and well thought out plot device that adds depth and conflict aplenty. Injecting Crazy Martin into the story worked, though it brings into question Sam’s thought process. I mean, really, Sam? Crazy Martin? You had to know that wasn’t going to end well for anyone. The tension was palpable by the time we got to inevitable showdown between Martin and “Roy”, with Benny’s granddaughter Elizabeth a terrific centerpiece as both bait and human shield.

As for the Amelia sub-plot, well, I kind of dig it, but there needs to be some pay off pretty soon.

But I guess that’ll have to wait. Supernatural is on hiatus until January 16. Check out the trailer below featuring Crowley, Castiel, and Naomi. Oh my.



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