Ich bin

Well, hello December. Nice to see you again, though to be honest, you’re not quite like the December I remember. Warm. Rain. Fog. Oh, I’m sure Old Man Winter’s sitting back there twirling his mustache and plotting something quite nasty for us. In my head, I keep hearing Ned Stark’s favorite mantra, “Winter is coming”, and if there is one thing you can say about good ol’ Ned it’s that he was never wrong. Well, except for when it came to court politics.

Anyway, a busy week for me and mine. I’m revamping a client’s website, noodling over another client’s cover art, hastily writing up a couple of book reviews, studying up for the Oak Hill Dungeons and Dragons Club Reunion (January 5th), and preparing for my big 12-12-12 relaunch and the Occult Detective Awards. Squeeze in Scouts, a dentist appointment, visiting a massive library book sale, and capping it all off with a Mike Super Magic Show — well, as you can imagine, it’s a bit hectic here in the Haunted Hoosier Heartland.

So what do I have for you today, while I struggle to keep the sacred fires burning? How about a list of the 10 most important and influential books (excluding comics) that shaped me into the occult detective I am today? They will be listed in order by title, author, and the year I read them. Let’s have a look —

The Children of Odin
Padraic Colum and William Pogany

Earth’s Hidden Mysteries
Carl Cohen and James Kersell

Unseen Forces
Manly Palmer Hall

Conan the Freebooter
Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague DeCamp, & Lin Carter

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeon Master’s Guide

The Stand
Stephen King

Erica Jong

The Illuminatus! Trilogy
Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea

Magick in Theory and Practice
Aleister Crowley

Lammas Night
Katherine Kurtz


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